About us

Dalian Ligong Qiwangda Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. (Daqi Science and Technology) is a high-tech enterprise founded jointly by Dalian Polytechnic University and Shandong Qiwangda Group. Relying on the abundant talents and other advantages of scientific and technological resources of Dalian Polytechnic University, we develop and produce molecular sieves and catalysts for petrochemical, fine chemical, environmental protection and other fields. Chemicals and fine chemicals provide technical solutions for process package development and engineering design.


Service Object

Public Service Platform for Fine Chemical Technology Research and Development

The company is headquartered in Songmudao Chemical Park, Jinpu New Area, Dalian. It has 2000 tons/year nano-zeolite synthesis capacity and 2500 tons/year catalyst forming and processing capacity. Main business scope: research and development, production and marketing of molecular sieves and catalysts; research and development, production and marketing of fine chemicals; development, design, transfer and technical services of complete chemical process technology; detection of molecular sieves, catalysts and fine chemicals; import and export trade of goods and technologies.


Environment and Responsibility

Energy conservation ?Carbon reduction ?Loop Win-win