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Dalian University of technology and Shandong qiwangda group established a high-tech enterprise by combining the innovation of scientific and technological achievements and the integration of production, learning and research. Relying on the strong scientific and technological resources and talent advantages of Dalian University of technology, the company is dominated by the R & D, innovation, production, sales, process package development and engineering design of advanced molecular sieves, catalysts and high value-added fine chemicals, and has a number of invention and proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights, including aromatization technology with nano molecular sieves and catalysts as the core and aromatization technology with nano molecular sieves and catalysts as the core The epoxidation technology of propylene with titanium silicalite molecular sieve and its catalyst as the core has reached the international leading level. The developed and produced high-end molecular sieve and catalyst products are widely used in the fields of catalytic cracking, aromatization, isomerization, cracking, alkylation, epoxidation, oximation and fine chemicals.

Headquartered in songmudao chemical industry park, Jinpu New District, Dalian, the company's main business scope is "R & D, production and sales of molecular sieves and catalysts; R & D, production and sales of fine chemicals; development, design, transfer and technical services of complete chemical process technology; testing of molecular sieves, catalysts and fine chemicals; import and export trade of goods and technologies", with 2 With the synthesis capacity of 000t / a nano molecular sieve and the forming and processing capacity of 2500t / a catalyst, Dalian University of technology and Dalian University of technology have jointly built the "National Key Laboratory of fine chemical industry of Dalian University of Technology Collaborative Innovation Platform" and "catalytic engineering technology research center", meanwhile, Liaoning Provincial Fine Chemical Technology Research and development public service platform "and" Liaoning small and medium-sized enterprises "have been approved by relevant departments of Liaoning Province Public technology service platform for industrial chemical inspection and testing, Liaoning postdoctoral innovation practice base, and Dalian advanced molecular sieve catalyst engineering laboratory and other public R & D and testing platforms.

The company has two wholly-owned companies: Dalian Daqi Chemical Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Shandong Daqi Petrochemical Design Co., Ltd. Among them: Shandong Daqi Petrochemical Design Co., Ltd., located in Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, has Qilu Branch, Qingdao branch and Dalian Branch, with grade a qualification of chemical and petrochemical pharmaceutical industry (Chemical Engineering, petroleum and chemical product storage and transportation), grade a consulting qualification of chemical industry, grade B qualification of chemical and petrochemical pharmaceutical industry, class A2 pressure vessel and GC (1) (2) Grade (3) pressure pipeline design qualification, equipped with large-scale application software and management application software such as process equipment strength calculation, stress calculation, simulation calculation, CADWORX, etc., has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health relationship system certification, and can undertake feasibility study, overall design, basic design and detailed design of petrochemical projects , general contracting and other services, is a professional engaged in petrochemical, fine chemical, coal chemical and refining plant engineering construction and technical services class a design institute.