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Located in Songmudao Chemical Industry Park, Jinpu New Area, Dalian, with the following functions: research and development, production and marketing of molecular sieves and catalysts; research and development, production and marketing of fine chemicals; development, design, transfer and technical services of complete chemical process technology; detection of molecular sieves, catalysts and fine chemicals; import and export of goods and technologies. "Trade" is the main business scope, with 2000 tons/year nano-zeolite synthesis capacity and 2500 tons/year catalyst forming and processing capacity, and jointly with Dalian University of Technology to build "Dalian University of Technology National Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals Co-innovation Platform" and "Catalytic Engineering Technology Research Center", and approved by the relevant departments of Liaoning Province. Public research and testing platforms such as "Liaoning fine chemical technology research and development public service platform", "Liaoning small and medium-sized chemical industry inspection and testing public technology service platform", "Liaoning Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base", "Dalian Advanced Molecular Sieve Catalyst Engineering Laboratory" have been established.