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 Public service platform for fine chemical technology R & D

Introduction to public service platform

The total construction area of public service platform is 4350 square meters. It mainly includes: R & D laboratory, 900 square meters; process package development and design room, 200 square meters; test and evaluation room, 1000 square meters; pilot test platform for new products, 1000 square meters; industrial device amplification test platform, 300 square meters; incubator (place), 350 square meters; Technology promotion (consultation and training) department, 300 square meters; administrative office, 300 square meters.

Objects of public service

It is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises with fine chemical industry as the main body of the songmu Island chemical industry cluster in puwan new area of Dalian, which can meet their common technical requirements for improving their own technical strength and developing new products. It also provides technical support services with catalytic technology as the core content for petrochemical enterprises in Dagushan petrochemical industry cluster and Changxing Island petrochemical industry cluster of Dalian. In particular, it is necessary to provide all-round support "incubator" function services for newly established or planned small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises or holders of scientific and technological achievements.

Public service projects

(1) vigorously promote the independent research and development achievements to the enterprises in the industrial cluster and the surrounding enterprises, and provide "one-stop" comprehensive technical solutions and services;

(2) actively meet the technical needs of the enterprises in the industrial cluster and the enterprises in the surrounding areas for their own development, and be entrusted with the technical innovation services such as directional R & D, pilot scale-up, performance evaluation, etc. for the development of new products, new processes, etc;

(3) enter the park (within the industrial cluster) for the innovation achievements of universities, scientific research institutes, enterprises and individuals, entrust or jointly carry out the in-depth research and scale-up experiments of the industrialization development of the achievements held by them, and actively promote the rooting and industrialization of their research and development achievements;

(4) provide complete pilot scale-up site, equipment and technical services for enterprises in the industrial cluster and surrounding areas, especially for new technologies and new products of new small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises;

(5) provide technical consultation, technical training and all-round "incubator" services for enterprises in the industrial cluster and surrounding areas, especially for newly built small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises.

(6) provide the main performance index test and evaluation services for the enterprises in the industrial cluster and surrounding areas, especially for the newly built small and medium-sized technology enterprises, such as molecular sieve, catalyst, fine chemicals, etc., including small-scale test, pilot test samples and new products;

(7) provide testing services for enterprises in the industrial cluster and surrounding areas, including catalysts, fine chemicals, general chemicals, etc., from "imported" raw materials to "exported" products in terms of quality, performance and other general indicators.

The way of public service

Specific service methods include the following:

Mode of entrustment: that is, the enterprise (hereinafter referred to as "Party B") proposes the entrusted service items to the public platform service provider (hereinafter referred to as "party a") in the form of contract entrustment according to its own needs, and signs a specific entrustment contract and relevant confidentiality agreement after being confirmed by both parties.

Cooperation mode: Party B or Party A proposes that both parties cooperate on a certain project, stipulate responsibilities and rights in the form of contract, share risks and interests.

Consultation method: that is to say, Party B shall put forward the matters to be consulted, and Party A shall seriously provide the consultation opinions, suggestions or reports. In addition to providing the system feasibility study report, Party A shall not charge Party B the consultation fee in principle.

Communication mode: Party A shall provide Party B with all kinds of valuable information in the form of "electronic information" (electronic journal or online journal) on a regular or irregular basis, and properly organize "point-to-point" or "face-to-face" small-scale communication and discussion.

Among them, the first two are "paid service" and the latter two are "free service" in principle. No matter which service mode is adopted, both parties shall sign the service agreement of public service platform of songmu Island chemical industry cluster in advance; meanwhile, service project contracts and confidentiality agreements shall be signed for specific service projects and contents to ensure the responsibilities, rights and obligations of both parties.